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Always, in All Ways!
At Alpha Quest, we understand your financial goals and work proactively to make them a reality. We help you grow your investments in a sustainable manner. We arrange financing i.e. leverage for your financial and real assets. Lastly, we ensure security of your wealth and financial well being of your future generations.


Advisory Services:

Managing investments is our core business. We provide advisory as well as discretionary portfolio management services based on our client needs.

We extend our advisory support to clients who are managing their own investment portfolio. Our valuable clients are supported by:

  • Providing clarity through proactive communication by sharing information, research, analysis, investment ideas and products.
  • Empowering clients with information and timely advice to make informed investment decisions, which maximize returns.
  • Aiding them to understand and manage risks in individual investments and at the overall portfolio level.
  • Minimize costs by providing cost effective solutions across platforms, products, and services.


Discretionary Services are for clients who are too busy to manage their investments on an active basis and would like to leave the execution decisions to the team at Alpha Quest.

  • The first step is to determine the portfolio objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirement and time horizon, which leads to a broad portfolio objective.
  • The next step is to build a strategic portfolio plan with allocation into long-term strategic and short-term tactical goals based on the portfolio objectives.
  • Day to day investment decisions are based on the above goals and in such a way that they align with the overall risk objectives.
  • Clients receive regular comprehensive portfolio reporting statements for review but leave the active investment process to the Alpha Quest Team.

Our unique Product Offerings:

At Alpha Quest, we do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We bring you the best available products and solutions from the market place. However, in cases where we see an opportunity of add value by bringing in diversification, better efficiency, better risk-reward, we develop products for our valued customers. We have the following discretionary mandates which bring value to your investment portfolios:

    Alpha Quest Equity Strategies

    We run two bottom-up strategies to achieve two objectives

  • Alpha Quest Active Equity Strategy invests in Global Equities on a Long/Short basis to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns with a medium to long term horizon. The strategy is country and sector agnostic, providing the flexibility to generate ideas with no bias towards a specific industry, region or theme.
    The strategy aims to target mid-teen returns with lower volatility and draw-down vs MSCI World Index.
  • Alpha Quest Growth Strategy focuses on identifying innovative and disruptive companies in all sectors. It invests in such companies which have great product(s), ability to lead and dominate in home markets and potential to develop and grow in new markets.
    The strategy aims to follow and accumulate winning stocks over a time, to create tremendous long-term value.
  • Alpha Quest Structured Equity Index Strategy

    Equity linked notes carry the risk of delivering a stock at loss in case a stock falls. In our strategy, we actively manage a diversified portfolio of equity linked structured notes on the stocks which we like. The notes aim to enhance returns and/or participate in the upside of the growth. It produces enhanced yield for investors while reducing the risk of taking delivery of a large quantity of a single stock.

    Alpha Quest FX Strategy

    FX trading is fascinating but risky to say the least. The only way to make money in the markets is by trading in a systematic and disciplined approach. In our FX strategy, we combine technical analysis with time tested rules of capital allocation and risk management. By taking this patient approach, we are able to generate sustainable returns from the global FX markets.


We track and analyse trends and opportunities in various property markets in developed and emerging countries. We assist our clients in:

  • Identifying value opportunities in the cities of your interest
  • Obtaining loans to finance purchase of properties
  • Refinancing against your existing properties


1. Structuring:

Alpha Quest actively works with leading service providers to provide optimal solutions to our clients for their worldwide estate planning requirements. Our network can provide client service in the following areas:

    Types of potential structures:

  • Singapore based VCC (Variable Capital Company) structures.
  • Investment fund
  • Trusts in all leading jurisdictions.
  • Foundations for charitable purpose, wealth holding or business.

2. Insurance:

Arranging Insurance policies such as Universal Life and Endowment plans.


Alpha Quest aids in arranging cost effective financing solutions for investors and businesses. Some of the services we help arrange for our clients are:

  • Multi-currency lending against real estate in major cities in the world.
  • Lending against universal life insurance policies.
  • Lending against wide range of financial assets.
  • Financing against commercial/ industrial assets.
  • Fund raising for different projects.


At Alpha Quest, we work with high net worth families and businesses to find solutions that will accelerate them towards their financial goals. Creating and managing wealth is important to our clients, however they equally appreciate & understand the importance of enjoying life, nurturing meaningful relationships, and contributing to the community and environment. We support our clients to achieve a work life balance by arranging various forms of recreational activities through: Family care services & Philanthropy.


  • We believe in empowering our clients with information, analysis, and views so that clients can take well informed investment decisions and have a stimulating and enriching investment experience.
  • We publish our own research and analysis reports regularly. Our network of investment banks, private banks and research service providers gives us access to vast amount of research. We synthesize it effectively to follow trends, track developments and to spot investment opportunities. We share key third-party research reports with our clients.